6 Things I Learned this Week

  1. Every morning my husband makes me coffee; a strong shot of espresso with thick foamy oat milk. While I am sure it would be just as awesome without this machine.  It is definitely a humongous splurge and beautiful addition to our kitchen.  As an aside- we have started gifting this Jura machine for wedding presents to special people. (hint- refurbished ones are less $ and work just as well.)  We originally bought one when the kids were in high school and were spending exorbitant amounts of $ on takeaway coffee.  Seattle Coffee Gear has incredibly helpful tips you didn’t know you needed and great deals on everything coffee. Once you start watching their 2000+videos, especially Gail’s, you will be hooked.
  2. I really appreciate a nice neat workout space. I didn’t realize how disorganized my home gym was until I had to put everything in one place on this unit.  I now have more room and when the online instructor says “grab a resistance band“- I know exactly where it is.
  3. Wedding presents do not have to be dull and predictable. This is the year to go rogue on wedding registries. I think our list of gifts for couples are unique, and thoughtful, and will be especially appreciated.Jumping is exceptionally good for the bones and makes you happy. Have you seen this video of me jumping with Jennifer Garner? Try jumping on an exercise/ step box like this one.  Exercise is so good for coordination, balance, brain health, and bone density. Video it and share it with us and we will put you side by side Jennifer.box jumps
  4. I promised 4 pull-ups next week so I had better get on it. Three with a resistance band like this one was my max this week, but I’m sharing some exercises to open up my shoulders next week, so I think  4 will be doable.
  5. Handstands are fun. I didn’t realize this handstand I did was a thing- until I saw instruction videos on YouTube.  Try a handstand and let us know how it was- or if you are daring-video yourself, post it and tag us. Maybe it will go viral. All that blood rushing to your head while trying to balance is a good thing. 

Have a great weekend. Please send us videos, ideas, and questions. 

Aging Enthusiastically Yours,

Gretchen & Annie

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