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The Donuts & Pie Version of Coastal Grandma

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 17, 2022 /

Coastal Grandmother is a real thing. It has been around forever – just without a name. You don’t need to be a grandmother or even live on the coast. It’s about how you live your life- slowing down and taking time to enjoy the little things.  Coastal Grandmother is living your best life, enjoying life’s…

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6 Things I Learned this Week

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 14, 2022 /

Every morning my husband makes me coffee; a strong shot of espresso with thick foamy oat milk. While I am sure it would be just as awesome without this machine.  It is definitely a humongous splurge and beautiful addition to our kitchen.  As an aside- we have started gifting this Jura machine for wedding presents…

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box jumps

10 Ways Your Legs will Jump for Joy!

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 11, 2022 /

 Jennifer Garner gets it. Have you watched her box jumping on IG with her trainer Beth Nicely?  Box Jumps…Single leg jumps…Oblique twist jumps… all on the top of a small box about 14″ high.  It’s definitely one way to work your legs, challenge your balance, and increase bone density.                               Box jumps looked fun to do,…

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Unpredictable Wedding Gift Ideas

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 6, 2022 /

Have you ever thought about giving a Fitness/Health/Wellness product as a wedding gift? Especially if the couple doesn’t exercise?  Hear me out, Please. I am not talking mats and weights. Do you really want to give the happy couple one more cutting board? If you have checked their registry and everything has already been purchased,…

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How to Get Your Workout Space Organized

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 2, 2022 /

And once you have put your gym equipment away- come back for a great glute exercise, ducks, mail, earlobes, and beans!  I am in spring-cleaning mode- which, considering the piles of leftover construction “stuff” in my house and the mess in my home gym undergoing a renovation, is a big undertaking.  This weekend I put…

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Expert Advice: Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 27, 2021 /

Home is where the workouts are these days. As a follow-up to the home gym story in the October 2021 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, we tapped fitness pro Gretchen Zelek for tips on finding a spot to sweat it out and gear to put new life into any at-home routine. Plus, she shares…

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Gretchen Zelek Quoted in Oxygen Magazine

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 27, 2021 /

Gretchen was recently quoted in a couple of Oxygen Magazine articles.  One titled 5 Calorie-Torching Rowing Machine Cardio Workouts.  Here’s an excerpt of the article: Rowing may be considered one of the more “old-school” cardio workouts — but frankly, it’s one of the best, too, blowing away other alternatives when it comes to calorie burn,…

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Happiness and Productivity

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / August 31, 2021 /

Dancer, 90’s video fitness pro and the face of Reebok, 30 years experience as an International Wellness Expert, Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Author Petra Kolber @petrakolber tells you why The Longest Distance You Will Ever Travel Is From Your Head To Your Heart and Why You Need To Practice Positive Psychology. Gretchen and Annie speak…

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Finding Joy Everyday

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / July 20, 2021 /

KariAnne Wood is Thistlewood Farm. She is a 50+ yr old mother of 4, wife, blogger, DIYer, decorator, baker, and overall, a genuinely nice, relatable, and very positive person. Wanting a more quiet family-based life her family moved from the city hustle to a quiet farmhouse in Kentucky. About a year ago they purchased the…

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Writing a Memoir After 60: A Good Summer Read

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / July 13, 2021 /

A good summer read. A fascinating story. A wonderfully kind, smart, and creative author. Put them all together and you have Heather Haldeman and her first novel “Kids and Cocktails don’t Mix: a memoir“.  Heather writes a captivating story about growing up in an exclusive gated community in Los Angeles during the 60’s and 70’s. …

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