Bob Jensen: Get Out and Move!

Our interview today is with Bob Jensen, a very interesting guy who is an ultra runner. It’s a great story, because he never started out as a runner but when one of his kid’s teams needed a cross country coach he volunteered and discovered how much he loved it and began running regularly on his own.Oh, and he doesn’t just run, he runs far!

On a trip to Australia with his family they came across some people who were planning to run about 100 kilometers and he was intrigued. Bob talked to a friend about it and they decided to start training. His friend had him run a 50k and even though it was hard he realized every thought of quitting had nothing to do with his body and everything to do with his brain and just thinking about it. We asked Bob about the toll running such long distances can take on an actively aging body. He said that running long distances can be tough on the body, but after several months of hot yoga he felt much better and many of the issues he was experiencing were resolved. He stays motivated by staying in his body and in the present moment and he does not dwell in his mind and overthinking.

He stopped listening to music on his run and found he was able to be more mindful and he experienced less accidents. He could better listen to his body with no distractions. Bob’s advice for aging enthusiastically is to get out and move. He thinks it is also important to find others to be active with. Another important thing he practices is mindfulness and meditation. Bob saw his older relatives having health problems and decided that was not going to be him. Once he got to his middle ages he decided to be more active and through that he started looking and feeling better. He did not want to sit around and “rust.” He thinks his perspective of age changed when he started running.

Thank you so much for watching! How are You Aging Enthusiastically?

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