Bruce Mylrea: One Day To Wellness

Today’s interview is with Bruce Myrea of @onedaytowellness . Bruce believes you are what you eat. He began eating a whole plant based diet just before he was diagnosed with prostate cancer over 10 years ago. Bruce and his wife Mindy Mylrea (who also started gliding discs and TABATA Bootcamp, and Fluid Strength) started a nonprofit called One Day to Wellness which is s 9 hour immersion into mindfulness, evidence based whole-food, plant based nutrition, behavioral changes and movement that matters.


While we know everyone has their own choices to eat what and how they want, and we thought this interview with Bruce was very interesting and thought provoking. He said he ate the absolute worst diet on the planet and now happily eats a satisfying plant based diet. Their nonprofit does not sell supplements or shakes, just their own whole food plant based program based on their story and how they evolved. Please watch and comment – Enjoy!


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