6 Things I Learned this Week

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 14, 2022 /

Every morning my husband makes me coffee; a strong shot of espresso with thick foamy oat milk. While I am sure it would be just as awesome without this machine.  It is definitely a humongous splurge and beautiful addition to our kitchen.  As an aside- we have started gifting this Jura machine for wedding presents…

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box jumps

10 Ways Your Legs will Jump for Joy!

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 11, 2022 /

 Jennifer Garner gets it. Have you watched her box jumping on IG with her trainer Beth Nicely?  Box Jumps…Single leg jumps…Oblique twist jumps… all on the top of a small box about 14″ high.  It’s definitely one way to work your legs, challenge your balance, and increase bone density.                               Box jumps looked fun to do,…

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Unpredictable Wedding Gift Ideas

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 6, 2022 /

Have you ever thought about giving a Fitness/Health/Wellness product as a wedding gift? Especially if the couple doesn’t exercise?  Hear me out, Please. I am not talking mats and weights. Do you really want to give the happy couple one more cutting board? If you have checked their registry and everything has already been purchased,…

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How to Get Your Workout Space Organized

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 2, 2022 /

And once you have put your gym equipment away- come back for a great glute exercise, ducks, mail, earlobes, and beans!  I am in spring-cleaning mode- which, considering the piles of leftover construction “stuff” in my house and the mess in my home gym undergoing a renovation, is a big undertaking.  This weekend I put…

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Expert Advice: Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 27, 2021 /

Home is where the workouts are these days. As a follow-up to the home gym story in the October 2021 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, we tapped fitness pro Gretchen Zelek for tips on finding a spot to sweat it out and gear to put new life into any at-home routine. Plus, she shares…

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Gretchen Zelek Quoted in Oxygen Magazine

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 27, 2021 /

Gretchen was recently quoted in a couple of Oxygen Magazine articles.  One titled 5 Calorie-Torching Rowing Machine Cardio Workouts.  Here’s an excerpt of the article: Rowing may be considered one of the more “old-school” cardio workouts — but frankly, it’s one of the best, too, blowing away other alternatives when it comes to calorie burn,…

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Janet Lee: Vitality Holistic Medicine

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / June 8, 2021 /

Gretchen was fortunate to speak with Janet Lee, a publishing industry veteran and DACM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine) , RYT a 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor and a health journalist based in Kansas City, Missouri. Janet served as the fitness director at Shape, Self and Fitness magazines and has created hundreds of workouts…

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Chris Severs: Adapt or Perish

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 31, 2021 /

Chris, a 40 season rugby player, began his journey to becoming a fitness equipment developer when he opened a Spa and Gym in 2007 and started training people and designing equipment for resistance training. A couple of years later he developed Anchor Point Training tools and began working with experienced trainers in hockey, football, MMA…

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Tracey Mallett: The Positive Impact of Health & a Positive Mindset

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 24, 2021 /

This is one of our most favorite interviews! Today we speak with Tracey Mallett, @traceymallett the world-renowned fitness and wellness expert, best-selling author and the creator of the hugely popular workouts, BootyBarre and BBarreless, as well as recently launching PilatesBarreonDemand. She is an innovator in the Pilates and fitness industry, and has been a fitness…

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Finding your Yay with Meaghan B Murphy!

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 17, 2021 /

A fully charged life is a Happiness Tool Kit with tips, trades and strategies to have more vitality, energy and a zest for life. Get more Yay! in your live and the choices you can make. It’s been a rough year and this book is the antidote to languishing. As a certified personal trainer, Meaghan…

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