In the Moment Mindfulness with Fiona Jensen

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / January 11, 2021 /

“Mindfulness is weight lifting for your brain.” That is how Fiona Jensen, Founder and CEO of Calmer Choice @calmerchoice, describes the importance of mindfulness. Fiona founded Calmer Choice in 2009 in response to the emotional devastation experienced by her community and especially the young people in her community, after the tragic deaths of some local…

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Thumbnail image for youtube video of interview with Christine Casper by Donuts and Pie Fitness.

Emotional Intelligence: Interview with Christine Casper

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / January 9, 2021 /

Our first interview of the year with Christine Casper is full, moving and life changing. Christine not only possesses Emotional Intelligence (EI) but lucky for us, she shares with us how to find and improve it. Emotions are our source of energy. Emotion and reason are the driving forces behind what creates art, science, culture,…

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When Quitting is a Good Thing

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / December 7, 2020 /

In 2006, Lindsay Vastola quit her successful international marketing  job in Manhattan to become a fitness professional and a well respected national expert on fitness. .  Lindsay founded Body Project Fitness & Lifestyle, with locations in New Jersey, VastPotential, a professional development company for fitness professionals, served as the editor-in-chief of the fitness industry business…

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Leslee Bender: Helping People Embrace Life and Age Gracefully

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / November 23, 2020 /

Leslee Bender epitomizes active and ageless enthusiasm.  She has worked for over 30 years in the fitness industry and travels throughout the world as an international fitness trainer. She was recently named IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year (WOW!)  Creator of the Bender Method of Training,  you will remember her from the famous Bender Ball…

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By Donuts and Pie Fitness / November 9, 2020 /

Risa Sheppard of Sheppard Method Pilates is one of the world’s most sought after Pilates instructors.  She is the creator of Sheppard Method Pilates which teaches the mind, body and spirit connection and personal empowerment. Risa has dedicated her life’s work to helping others achieve personal perfection and maintain optimal health, no matter what their…

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Come Dance with Nancy Hays

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 20, 2020 /

We had the pleasure of speaking and dancing with Nancy Hays. She is a talented dancer, singer, songwriter and entertainer who runs several different companies and websites. We doubt there is anything she cannot do. She has appeared on several TV shows as a dance instructor, (and even taught Mario Lopez how to Salsa!) and…

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Chris & Parisa Shelton: QiGong for Mind, Body, Spirit

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 12, 2020 /

Today we speak with Chris and Parisa Shelton about their QiGong practice. Chris is a certified QiGong practitioner,  and with Parissa, they own Morning Crane Healing Arts Centers in San Jose CA, and Burbank CA.  Qigong (pronounced Chi Gung) is an ancient (5,000+-year-old) ancient practice that uses meditation, slow deliberate, intentional movements, and breathwork and…

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Ana Caban – Finding Your Purpose

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 5, 2020 /

Today meet Ana Caban, one of America’s leading Pilates instructors who has sold over 25 million dollars of fitness dvds and streaming workouts. Ana has been featured in many different media outlets; InStyle Magazine called her “a star Pilates instructor” and Martha Stewart Radio called her “the fitness guru to propel you into shape”. During…

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Janice Jaicks of FitnessFest: Making the Pool Cool

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 21, 2020 /

Today we speak with Janice Jaicks founder of FitnessFest which is a user-friendly convention for people to learn, participate, and receive continuing education units.  Janice has been teaching water aerobics for 35 years. She teaches professionals how to teach various populations and people of all ages with a safe and effective program. Janice is bringing…

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Tom Jones Ultra -Endurance Athlete & Speaker “NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN”

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 14, 2020 /

Annie & Gretchen had the privilege of interviewing Ultra-Endurance Athlete Tom Jones. NO, not the singer Tom Jones, but the other Tom Jones, a man who is just accomplished and who you should know about.  Some of Tom’s NOTABLE ATHLETIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS • 7-time kickboxing champion with 2 world titles • Ran the length of California…

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