Tell it Thursday How Did I Get Here? Once in a Lifetime

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 15, 2020 /

by Gretchen Zelek As I sit here preparing to write my first “Tell it Thursday” blog post-ever- the song Once in a Lifetime sung by the Talking Heads keeps playing in my head like an earworm.  Most everybody knows some of the lyrics to the song. And more than a few may even remember dancing…

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Tell it Thursday- “Stress is a Funny Thing” by Annie Gibbons

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 8, 2020 /

Stress is a funny thing. It just kind of creeps up on you!  I am a very healthy person. A personal trainer, I do yoga, run, eat well, learned to meditate and I have generally, my entire life, been aware of the need to take care of myself. Life will always bring us challenges, some…

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“Tell It Thursday” – A New Level of Loneliness by Kate Mahoney

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / October 1, 2020 /

When we received this email from Kate about how the pandemic had affected her, we knew we needed to share it with you. It is honest, raw, and real. A girlfriend of mine, ten years younger with three adorable young children, posted a picture of herself on Facebook, laughing while the kids jumped off the…

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Q & A With Jill Casty: An Art that Sings

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 28, 2020 /

Jill Casty’s words are insightful, mindful, smart, and passionate. Annie & Gretchen were fascinated by her.  For about a decade Jill Casty has alternated years of living and working in Italy, Mexico, and California. In recent years she has focused on unique sculptures with ensembles of brilliant, colorful fused glass and various metals. In the…

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Gretchen and Annie on the Your Inspired Life Podcast with Ana Caban

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / September 9, 2020 /

Ana chats with fitness pros and creators of Donuts and Pie Fitness, Gretchen Zelek and Annie Gibbons, about gratitude, trying new things and aging enthusiastically.

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The Dishes

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / May 30, 2020 /

Who does the dishes in your house?  Great article in Washington Post “The Dishes will never be Done” By  Ellen McCarthy  “And the sink, I am sorry to tell you, is full of dirty dishes. Again. “ This is so relatable in our house- how about yours? And who empties the dishwasher? 

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Freedom for Toes! Our Q & A with Paola Shah

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / April 20, 2020 /

Running a small business is always challenging and right now it is especially difficult. Today we introduce you to Paola Shah, one of the most innovative small business owners we know.  Her business, Tucketts™, is the result of a combination of passions and beliefs: barefoot workouts, following nature, love for colorful socks, sustainability, and helping…

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Dale Hope: The Spirit of the Islands in an Aloha Shirt

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / March 9, 2020 /

You can’t help but feel the warm Hawaiian breeze when you watch our interview with Dale Hope, author of “The Aloha Shirt.”  In 1953, Dale’s mom and dad bought a garment company in Waikiki and Dale remembers wearing his first aloha shirt when he was in the 3rd grade. Everyone he looked up to wore…

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Joseph Carr

Joseph Carr of Joseph Carr Wines & Josh Cellars Moving Ahead

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / February 17, 2020 /

Today we are talking to Joseph Carr. Joe is the person behind Joseph Carr Wines and Josh Cellars. He is the epitome of aging enthusiastically.  Joseph shares how he lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and is originally from upstate New York. He has been in the wine business since he was 18 years old, having…

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Go Dot Dash

Melissa & Hannah Fastov: Go Dot Dash: Defining Your Path and Bags that Take You There

By Donuts and Pie Fitness / January 27, 2020 /

Today we are interviewing mom Melissa Fastov and her daughter Hannah Fastov. Hannah is the founder of Go Dash Dot where she designs smart, sophisticated bags that carry you through an entire day, from a workout to work to errands to dinner. Hannah and her mother have a really great mother-daughter relationship and we wanted…

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