Come Dance with Nancy Hays

We had the pleasure of speaking and dancing with Nancy Hays. She is a talented dancer, singer, songwriter and entertainer who runs several different companies and websites. We doubt there is anything she cannot do. She has appeared on several TV shows as a dance instructor, (and even taught Mario Lopez how to Salsa!) and is very sought after for her dance instruction. 

Nancy has designed a series of online classes geared towards people learning at home.

She loves to dance because she believes it is the perfect form of exercise;  it is something that people of all ages can enjoy. It is something you can do for a long time and it also combines working your mind and body while having fun. 

People can get very self-conscious about others seeing them dancing but with her online program you can do it alone and at home with no one there to watch or judge you. Nancy taught Annie and Gretchen how to dance to Achy Breaky Heart. Not only is she a great instructor, it was a blast. You need to watch the interview to believe it. 

Nancy’s idea of aging enthusiastically is to stay positive as much as possible, be grateful, and remind yourself of your blessings. Surround yourself with different age groups because it keeps you thinking younger and participating in things that relate to a diverse group of people and interests. Self-care is also important. Do your best to eat right, get enough sleep, and take care of your body. 

Thanks, Nancy. Please watch the entire interview to see Nancy teach us all how to dance! If you want to learn more about Nancy her website is  Please also check out her website to see all of her other accomplishments.

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One more thing, our question of the day: How are you aging enthusiastically ™ ?  

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