Cynthia Besteman founder of Violets are Blue Skincare A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Inspires Natural and Safe Skincare

Finding the perfect skincare routine can be a struggle. And, while we may think we’ve found the perfect product for us, we often aren’t aware of the harmful ingredients that we’re putting directly into our bodies.

In today’s video, Gretchen and Annie speak with Cynthia Besteman, the founder of Violets Are Blue Skincare, an organic line of really beautiful products that she designed when she was going through her own personal battle with cancer.  Besteman was inspired to create skincare products that were natural and safe after being diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. Her knowledge of and passion for naturally-derived skincare ingredients resulted in a successful consciously-produced line of products.  

Cynthia shares with us that when she found out she had cancer she felt her environment that was to blame so she began changing out the many things around her home that involved chemicals.  However, she didn’t realize until she was in line at the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and heard a mother speaking with the pharmacist about a topical ointment she was picking up for her child that things put on your skin are absorbed by the skin into the body. She went home and began inspecting all her skincare products and Googled the ingredients. 

This inspired her to learn how to make her own organic skincare.  By coincidence, there was a class being taught near her apartment in New York City the next night called “Bath and Body University”. She signed up for it. After taking the class, she knew it was going to change her life. 

Her doctors were amazed by her radiant skin, so unusual to find after breast cancer treatments, and asked what she was using.  She shared with them about the skincare line she had created. To help other women feel their best and have a gift to open on a very stressful day, Cynthia has partnered with Mount Sinai’s Dubin Breast Center in NYC to provide women entering their first day of treatment with a “Beloved” gift package, specifically created for women with cancer.

Learn more about Cynthia and her products by watching the rest of please watch today’s video:

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