Dale Hope: The Spirit of the Islands in an Aloha Shirt

You can’t help but feel the warm Hawaiian breeze when you watch our interview with Dale Hope, author of “The Aloha Shirt.” 

In 1953, Dale’s mom and dad bought a garment company in Waikiki and Dale remembers wearing his first aloha shirt when he was in the 3rd grade. Everyone he looked up to wore aloha shirts. When he got older he worked with his dad to make the shirts, suggesting they focus on a men’s line and in 10 years they were a respected men’s label.

His dad once told him, “You are really in the business of selling art” and he used to sit down with artists and pick the art for the shirts. Through the years they found well-known artists to create shirts with their art. It created a demand for the shirts because people knew the artists and respected their work. While most people might not have been able to afford the artist’s painting, they could afford a shirt with the art on it.

Dale sticks to a daily fitness routine because he is motivated by the idea that if he is in good shape today he may have a new opportunity tomorrow.  His advice is to be active early in the morning. Immerse yourself in the world’s beauty to start the day and see the sunrise. To Dale, the ocean is what revives him and gives him joy and life. To get up a little extra early and take even a 10-minute walk will change your outlook. 

Dale is the author of The Aloha Shirt, interviewed hundreds of people related to the industry. Dale was able to interview a lot of people in their 80’s and 90’s to talk about the shirts for his book. It is a beautifully illustrated and fascinating history of the Hawaiian shirt.

Please watch this fascinating interview to learn more about Dale Hope and The Aloha Shirt. 

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