Debra Atkinson: Menopause and Fitness over 50

Debra Atkinson of Flipping 50, a menopause and fitness expert, tells us that you are wrong! Watch our interview today with Debra Atkinson who explains why weight gain related to menopause is a myth. She explains a report by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where a study of 1mm women found conclusive evidence that menopause was not related to weight gain. While genetics can be a factor- 95% of lifestyle habits can contribute to menopausal weight gain.

Think about your activity level: Have you slowed down or are you less active than you were 5 years ago? Do you have more stress? Has your diet changed? Do you drink more alcohol or eating more “comfort” food? Are you sleeping? Debra Atkinson, of Flipping 50, has been in the fitness industry for over 36 years and has helped over 150,000 women “flip” their second half with the vitality and energy they desire. She’s the bestselling author of “You Still Got It, Girl: The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women”; “Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust”; and “Hot, NotBothered”. We have heard Debra speak at many conferences and webinars and we do not think there is anyone more knowledgeable about menopause and fitness over 50.

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