Emotional Intelligence: Interview with Christine Casper

Our first interview of the year with Christine Casper is full, moving and life changing. Christine not only possesses Emotional Intelligence (EI) but lucky for us, she shares with us how to find and improve it.

Emotions are our source of energy. Emotion and reason are the driving forces behind what creates art, science, culture, technology, innovation and all significant accomplishments.

Why not develop your EI? It will make you the best version of you- personally and professionally. It could result in better performance (whether for work or a marathon) , give you rewards (whether by increasing your salary or completing a task) and you will be enthusiastically motivated and feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

There is not a better interview to start off 2021.

To learn more about Christine Casper, her website is www.CM-MINC.com
Christine is an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Keynote Speaker

Trainer and Author.

Her book:
“From Now on, With Passion
A Guide to Emotional Intelligence”
by Christine Mockler Casper
is available in paperback or an ebook via Amazon https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/AS…

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