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KariAnne Wood is Thistlewood Farm. She is a 50+ yr old mother of 4, wife, blogger, DIYer, decorator, baker, and overall, a genuinely nice, relatable, and very positive person. Wanting a more quiet family-based life her family moved from the city hustle to a quiet farmhouse in Kentucky. About a year ago they purchased the home she grew up in, in TX, from the very people her mom had sold it to after her dad passed. It is evident from her blog that the house holds lots of stories, and KariAnne is telling them. Paint colors? Furniture? Yard Sale Finds? Recipes? Home Projects? Gift Ideas? She is the expert on all of that and a lot more!

KariAnne is also the author of 4 books including the “DIY-Decorate it Yourself Home Planner”. Oh, and did we mention- KariAnne recently reached her weight loss goal of 100 pounds!!!! Surprisingly, we are the first to ask her about her weight loss journey.

Please watch the interview and find out why we think KariAnne is so wonderful.  Learn more about her here:

Instagram: @Thistlewood

FB: @thistlewoodfarm

YouTube: Thistle Wood

Find KariAnne’s books “You’ve Got This” “The DIY Home Planner” “So Close to Amazing”  @Walmart @Amazon @barnesandnoble @tyndalehouse

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