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We interviewed Fred Hoffman all the way in Paris today! We had lots to talk about including how we could learn more about technology and social media and what it is like right now living and working in France during COVID. It’s a captivating and entertaining interview! Fred is the recipient of the 2007 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award, and in 2001 he was elected to the International Who’s Who of Professionals. He was born in the United States and attended university in Boston, where he began his career, and he has been living in Paris since 1989. Fred can be reached at and his website is He posts his bike trips around Paris daily on:
FB: @ fred.hoffman
IG: @fredhoffparis
Twitter: @Fredhoffmanfit

Since Fred is the owner of Fitness Resources, an education and consultancy company, which specializes in staff training, professional career development, social media strategies, marketing solutions and technology innovation for health clubs, fitness centers, boutique studios, and personal training companies – we asked him how actively aging adults could best learn about, embrace and use technology and social media for fitness, nutrition and to just “move more”. While we understand that everyone comes to the computer with different abilities, it’s best to ask friends and family for advice and then determine key words to use to find what we are looking for online- whether it be to find a class, how to move or a trainer. Look for free resources and classes. YouTube is a great place to find classes. Most important is to MOVE every day. Get off your chair and take a walk, ride a bike, just move!

From shutdown to opening, to confinement to now a curfew of 6 pm to 6 am Paris has experienced much during covid. Restaurants, gyms and museums are all closed. Fred has learned how important it is to be flexible. Getting outside is very important so he rides a bike to get cardio and does strength training in his home. It is very important to MOVE, take breaks, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

Fred is an enthusiastic, fun and energetic person so we were really interested in his suggestions for Aging Enthusiastically, which are to: 1) Move to stay healthy, feel better…and Get Outside in the fresh air…MOVE! 2) When the world opens up – travel – explore your own town and city, travel far, too. 3) Be adventurous and look for new adventures like experiencing a foreign country! 4) LEARN There is so much to see, do and learn online – the arts, culture, movies, fitness, academics. Keep your brain stimulated! 5) Be social, interact with others any way you can. Even a Zoom exchange is important. 6)Try to be as positive as possible!

It was so much fun talking with Fred that we went well over our usual recorded time. He is a wonderful person and someone we hope you all enjoy learning more about.

Connect with Fred!

FB: @fred.hoffman

IG: @fredhoffparis

Twitter: @Fredhoffmanfit


Thank you for your support, and remember to Age Enthusiastically!

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