Gretchen Zelek Quoted in Oxygen Magazine

Gretchen was recently quoted in a couple of Oxygen Magazine articles.  One titled 5 Calorie-Torching Rowing Machine Cardio Workouts. 

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

Rowing may be considered one of the more “old-school” cardio workouts — but frankly, it’s one of the best, too, blowing away other alternatives when it comes to calorie burn, stamina building and full-body muscle stimulation. And the rowing machine is low impact to boot.

“I bought my rower before any other big-ticket items for my home gym because of how versatile it is and all the benefits it offers,” admits Gretchen Zelek, an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and functional aging specialist. I knew I’d be able to incorporate it easily into my workout routine — and it often took the place of running or biking for cardio during inclement weather.”

Here, Zelek shares five of her favorite quick-hit rowing sessions, from an entry-level short-interval rowing session to an all-out four-minute fat incinerator.

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And another titled The 20-Minute Arm Workout to Torch Your Bi’s and Tri’s,  

Here is a portion of the article,

Great arms don’t require long workouts and endless reps. In fact, the biceps and triceps already get a lot of attention during your other workouts, with the biceps engaging during any pulling movements on back day, and the triceps called to action for shoulder and chest presses.

Because of that, a short, intense, focused arm workout once or twice a week will do just fine, sculpting and shaping the upper arm while building your strength. This 20-minute arm workout checks those boxes.

Celebrity trainer Jason Kozma — a former Mr. America and owner of High Performance Personal Training in Los Angeles — developed this deceptively simple superset and tri-set session, which will get you in and out of the weight room in just 20 minutes while targeting each critical area of your biceps and triceps muscles.

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