Happiness and Productivity

Dancer, 90’s video fitness pro and the face of Reebok, 30 years experience as an International Wellness Expert, Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Author Petra Kolber @petrakolber tells you why The Longest Distance You Will Ever Travel Is From Your Head To Your Heart and Why You Need To Practice Positive Psychology.

Gretchen and Annie speak with Petra Kolber @petrakolber and laugh and laugh- starting with Gretchen’s botched (unedited) introduction and Petra’s funny story to tie it all together. There is something about Petra that lit up our screens.

“Happiness is like a muscle, it requires daily attention and an assortment of training for best results. Cultivating gratitude for the body we are in, finding flow throughout our day, and focusing on our strengths are all proven ways to begin to elevate the happiness meter “ Want to find genuine happiness and passion? Watch Petra’s interview, Petra Kolber will make your day.

Website: https://petrakolber.com/

Podcast: The Perfection Detox Podcast (3 great seasons)

Facebook: Petra Kolber

Book: (Available on  Amazon &  Barnes & Noble ) “The Perfection Detox”


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