In the Moment Mindfulness with Fiona Jensen

“Mindfulness is weight lifting for your brain.”

That is how Fiona Jensen, Founder and CEO of Calmer Choice @calmerchoice, describes the importance of mindfulness.

Fiona founded Calmer Choice in 2009 in response to the emotional devastation experienced by her community and especially the young people in her community, after the tragic deaths of some local students. She had, personally, practiced mindfulness and understood its benefits. She wondered what would happen if she could get a practice of mindfulness into the schools.

She raised the funds (through a road race YEAH!) and created a program. Once a mindfulness program was being taught in her school, other area schools requested her help and the nonprofit Calmer Choice was created. The mission of Calmer Choice is Cultivating Awareness Living Mindfully Enhancing Resilience To date they have worked in 10 different school districts and worked with over 36,000 students and teachers. Calmer Choice collaborated with MIT, Yale and Tufts and was scientifically proven to impact the health, well being and academic performance of the participants. Mindfulness is a mental health tool for adults.

With the inability to teach children in person during the pandemic, Calmer Choice started offering live Zoom programs for adults, parents and teachers. No longer limited by geography, they are now able to connect and help people all over the world.

( FYI, the next program begins 1/13 and scholarships are available.)

Watch our interview with Fiona to learn more about Fiona, Calmer Choice and the importance of meditation.

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