Interview with Fred DeVito of Exhale “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

It is likely the gyms and studios are closed in your area, so we wanted to share a great alternative with you. Its also something you may want to try in person, once we are allowed back into our studios and gyms.

Today we share our talk with Fred DeVito, co-founder with his wife, Elisabeth Halfpapp, of Exhale and Exhale’s award-winning fitness program, in addition to starring in Exhales On Demand platform.

Fred’s class is a fun, challenging, sweaty, focused flow that is fast-paced and detail-oriented with ever-changing music and moves.  An hour ” at the barre” with Fred will maximize your potential to feel happy, healthy, confident and fit. 

Exhale barre is Gretchen’s favorite, and she tries to take a class almost every day.  The class members are a diverse group of ages and abilities and there are often men and women over 60 in the class. 

This week when they decided to close the studios, Gretchen started taking the Exhale On-Demand classes and found them to be just as challenging as in the studio, with great cueing and fabulous instructors. 

Some of you may remember the Lotte Berk Method. Exhale Barre is a direct descendant of Lotte Berk.  Lotte Berk combined her knowledge of dance-based exercises with orthopedic core work that she learned when going through the process of healing a dance-related injury.  The Lotte Berk Studio, founded in NYC in the 1970s, was where Exhale got its roots and where Fred first worked with his wife. He became the first male instructor at the studio and has been instrumental in making sure the Lotte Berk Method legacy lives on.

An Exhale Barre class is a workout that will challenge you on many levels: strength, flexibility, endurance, and stamina.  It has all the qualities of a mind/body workout that also creates a strong core. The workout is unique because the exercises can be modified and tailored to individual needs and abilities. The class  offers a blend of strengthening, stretching, endurance and stamina while using, primarily, your own body weight as resistance.

Fred is a sought after instructor at Exhale. His motto “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” sums up his classes. He believes you have to be a bit out of your comfort zone when working out in order to see that change.  A class at Exhale will make a visible change in many ways for you.

Please watch the interview to learn more and hear Fred’s suggestion for how to age enthusiastically. Please subscribe and comment.

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