Janice Jaicks of FitnessFest: Making the Pool Cool

Today we speak with Janice Jaicks founder of FitnessFest which is a user-friendly convention for people to learn, participate, and receive continuing education units. 

Janice has been teaching water aerobics for 35 years. She teaches professionals how to teach various populations and people of all ages with a safe and effective program. Janice is bringing back water aerobics and making it cool again.

The advantages of working out in the pool are less impact on your joints so it is good for recovering injuries, for people who may be out of shape, and anyone in between. It is also good for all ages, and all abilities, if you have the right instructor. 

There is a sense of community in water aerobics because it’s fun, sometimes silly and it causes people to come together. It can also be a good workout.

Janice does a Tabata style workout (high intensity for short bursts) in the water and it has become her most popular class. In the last couple of years, water aerobics has become super popular and Janice’s classes have increased. 

Recent studies have shown water aerobics is good for bone density despite popular belief. 

Janice’s advice for aging enthusiastically is to make things funny and laugh a lot, surround yourself with positive people, and be a positive person to others. That is what makes her feel young.   

Please watch the interview and check out her website and follow her on social media. 

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