Jennifra Norton: Becoming a Yogini

 Jennifra Norton, the owner of Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga, teaches yoga on the beach every morning from June to September at 7:30 am.  She is a great example of “aging enthusiastically” and how not to stay in the box. Her life has always been one of gratitude and giving to other people. 

 Though she had been active and athletic her entire life, Jennifra was first introduced to yoga when she was studying martial arts. She remembers the time she found, on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine,  a photo of Kareem Abdul Jabbar in an Eagle pose. She thought, “Whoa, that’s pretty fabulous” and was intrigued by the physical shape of the body being able to do such a pose. This image stayed with her, and her interest in yoga was sparked.

 In 1999, Jennifra made a New Year’s Resolution to go to eight yoga classes, two times a week for four weeks.  After the 8 classes, she signed up for another 8 classes and then another and another. After many years, workshops and hours of training she became an instructor and has expanded her practice and teaching to benefit and inspire others. 

 Watch today’s video to learn more about what type of yoga Jennifra teaches and what yoga means to her.  

Do you participate in yoga? What are your thoughts on taking a class on the beach?  Is there anything new you want to try? What is holding you back?

Find Jennifra here:

Facebook:  Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yoga



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