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Today Annie speaks with Jitka Borowick, owner of “Clean Green Cleaning Company” an all natural cleaning company and “Nove Yoga”, a yoga studio both located in Cape Cod, MA. Jitka Borowick came to the US 12 years ago from the Czech Republic with the goal of staying for a year to become fluent in English. After 10 months, she realized she needed more time to learn English and decided to stay and attend Cape Cod Community College. In demand because of how good she was cleaning homes on weekends to make money and wanting to own her own business, while hoping it would do something positive for the environment, Jitka decided to open the best all natural cleaning company on Cape Cod and started Clean Green in 2008.

Jitka does everything 110%. She serves on many boards on the Cape and she has won numerous awards. BUT, she still wanted to do more.

An avid cyclist and runner, Jitka wanted to add balance and recovery to her routine, so she started doing yoga. After a particularly unsettling experience during a yoga class at a community library when Jitka was asked to leave because her daughter was disruptive, she could not shake the feeling she had, it kept gnawing at her so instead of fighting the feeling, she embraced it and she decided to open her own yoga studio.

Originally, pre-COVID, the yoga studio was to be a virtual space for the global community including mindfulness and nutrition to athletes worldwide online, but once she found a beautiful space to record videos in, she decided to also use it as a studio for in person classes.

Jitka doesn’t give up. The opening was planned for April 2020 but then the pandemic hit, and true to Jitka’s personality she found it as a positive challenge. She used her running and her cycling as a reminder that it was just another hill in the road to overcome. She looks at only one hill at a time and as an obstacle to pass and continue on until she climbs the mountain.

Deciding to pivot back to her original vision- to create a virtual presence, Jitka used the highest quality film equipment and lighting, hired professional videographers and sought out highly acclaimed instructors.

She named her business “Nove” which means new in Czech and Italian. Her tagline is Feel New Everyday. Every day is a new beginning.

When asked what aging enthusiastically meant to her, Jitka said, “Age doesn’t matter – what is important is how you feel. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Tackle your fears. Spend time outside and be active.” Now that’s a great answer for how to Age Enthusiastically!

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IG: @noveyoga @cleangreencapecod

Website: https://noveyoga.com/https://cleangreencapecod.com/

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