Keli Roberts: If You Lift Heavier You Will Be Stronger

Today we interview Keli Roberts and learn how important it is to stay strong as we age.

Keli, originally from Australia, is a California-based personal trainer, international fitness presenter and star of numerous fitness videos (including with Cher) She was the 2003 IDEA Intl Fitness instructor of the year and in 2007 was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. She has been in the fitness industry since 1986. She offers custom workouts, including virtual personal training, virtual health coaching live online workouts so no matter where you live in the world, you have the opportunity to work out with Keli. Keli tells us her clients have grown with her. Her youngest client is 50 and her oldest is 95. This is a cohort that has always had the opportunity to be active in sports and in the gym.

She shared with us some training strategies for people over 50 and explained that if you are not gaining muscle, you are losing muscle. If you are losing muscle, your metabolism is slowing down. The midriff “fluffiness” is not inevitable. If you keep strong and keep your metabolism high, it’s easier to look and feel young. She told us that strength training for people over 50 is here to stay and, compared to how she trained over 50 clients in the 80s and 90s, her clients are now lifting heavier- 10, 12, 15 pound dumbbells. She said, “If you lift heavier you will be stronger.”. There is now a much deeper understanding of what the older adult can do. This generation has grown up in the fitness industry and expects to stay active for their entire lives. Keli’s advice for aging enthusiastically is to stay engaged in your life and everything you do. Have interests that being active will actually feed. Running, playing golf, biking are all things you can do for fun and because you are active. One fuels the other. Let your fitness feed your interests. Great advice!

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