Leslie Saeta of My 100 Year Old Home: Sharing Makes the Difference

Leslie Saeta is the designer, decorator, creator, DIYer, seamstress, party planner, baker, and chef, to only name a fraction of her talents, behind “My 100 Year Old Home”. She has been involved in marketing and art for many years, but now she is an exceptionally successful, respected, and well known Instagrammer, blogger, and influencer.

If you knew Leslie, it would come as no surprise that she made the decision not to live to work but to enjoy every single day and as a result, she started a career in marketing. However, once she held a palette knife in her hand, she realized she was also a talented artist and enjoyed painting. Gretchen owns many of Leslie’s pieces and you may also have seen some hanging on the walls of many television character’s offices (Madmen) and homes (Modern Family). As a natural marketer, Leslie found a way to merge her artistic talents with her marketing background and ventured into a very successful career of teaching art and marketing. She taught art classes throughout the country and painted full time for over eight years.

Leslie could not find any examples on Instagram of art in farmhouse homes so she started an Instagram account. She owns a farmhouse-style home and was a huge fan of “Fixer Upper” and Joanna Gaines’ farmhouse style. When you think about modern farmhouse homes, like Joanne Gaines, there are rarely paintings included in the design and Leslie wanted to change that. Her style resonated with Instagram followers and within weeks large Instagram accounts started sharing her posts and well-known brands began asking her to work with them. At this time My 100-Year-Old Home has over 315K followers. It is common in a post, for Leslie to receive over 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Leslie said that one of her secrets of being successful on social media is not about showing but about sharing. You create a place where people can come to learn and be shared with. Her advice to someone wanting to get started on social media is to not be intimidated because you have to start somewhere. Your most important tool is Google. She always looks for helpful tools and shortcuts.

Leslie Saeta is enthusiastic about everything. She is eager to learn and to perfect what may already look perfect, but she, seamlessly, takes it to another level. Whether it is her annual holiday party for 300 friends, arranging flowers, renovating her bedroom, or making a slipcover for the first time, Leslie shares it with her followers with candor and clarity. She puts just as much energy and fun into her personal life and often shares with her followers her 3 grown sons and her uber supportive husband.

Her suggestion for how to age enthusiastically is not to get caught up with how old you are but to get caught up in enjoying every single day the most you possibly can. Embrace, learn, educate, share and love your family. You only get one shot at today to make it the best you can.

Please watch the entire interview with Leslie Saeta to learn more about this wonderful woman.

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