Open the Door to Tai Chi

Tai Chi is often described as meditation in motion.  In many parks you may notice groups of people practicing Tai Chi with beautiful and deliberate movements.  The names of the exercises are as descriptive and beautiful as the movements themselves. like White Crane Spreads its Wings or Part Wild Horse’s Mane. 

We interviewed Dianne Bailey, before the pandemic and think now is the perfect time to share it with you. She is a fitness trainer, Tai Chi instructor, and fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo. 

Tai Chi is a martial art that uses gentle flowing movements to enhance health in the body and mind. It is relaxing and also increases flexibility and balance. It started as a fighting style in China and has moved into a movement meditation. There is a reason for every movement in Tai Chi that is performed. Dianne is working on training more instructors so Tai Chi can be more widely spread.  She has a program called Open the Door to Tai Chi and Gretchen is currently taking the online class and enjoying it immensely. 

Dianne’s advice for aging enthusiastically is that you have to have a broad variety of what you are doing and each thing you do is just a small piece of the pie. Find a balance in exercise and in what you are doing and find something that helps you be able to continue what you lose to do. 

If you have ever thought about trying Tai Chi check out these videos: 

Get started here:

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