Aging Enthusiastically

Crispy Persian Rice (Tahdig) with Spiced Golden Chickpeas

Comfort food at its finest. Basmati rice is pan-cooked until a crispy crust has formed on the bottom. Once turned out onto a plate, the top layer has crunchy rice,...

Brownies with Sweet Potatoes

Well, we love sweet potatoes and this recipe from @wellplated who is “fearlessly dedicated to making healthy food taste incredible” does not disappoint. These are seriously good and everyone who...

Running Outside During Covid-19?

Oh, to be running with a partner, these days.  However, most shelter in place orders allow for solo running or walking outside. If you are a runner or walker, you...


Donuts & Pie Fitness shares interviews with national fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle experts about how to live a happy, healthy, fun and fulfilled life.

Daily we post ,on social media, new and innovative ways to age enthusiastically through fitness, brain health, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle and fun.

Rather than focusing on nostalgia, retirement,  reminiscing about the past, grumbling about the future, or other stereotypical aging issues, Donuts & Pie Fitness focuses on the present and living life to the fullest with no regrets or hesitation.We want you to be excited about your next birthday.
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