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Tell it Thursday- “Stress is a Funny Thing” by Annie Gibbons

Stress is a funny thing. It just kind of creeps up on you!  I am a very healthy person. A personal trainer, I do yoga, run, eat well, learned to...

Ana Caban – Finding Your Purpose

Today meet Ana Caban, one of America’s leading Pilates instructors who has sold over 25 million dollars of fitness dvds and streaming workouts. Ana has been featured in many different...

“Tell It Thursday” – A New Level of Loneliness by Kate Mahoney

When we received this email from Kate about how the pandemic had affected her, we knew we needed to share it with you. It is honest, raw, and real. A...


Donuts & Pie Fitness shares interviews with national fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle experts about how to live a happy, healthy, fun and fulfilled life.

Daily we post ,on social media, new and innovative ways to age enthusiastically through fitness, brain health, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle and fun.

Rather than focusing on nostalgia, retirement,  reminiscing about the past, grumbling about the future, or other stereotypical aging issues, Donuts & Pie Fitness focuses on the present and living life to the fullest with no regrets or hesitation.We want you to be excited about your next birthday.
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Tell it Thursday- “Stress is a Funny Thing” by Annie Gibbons

Ana Caban

Ana Caban – Finding Your Purpose