Aging Enthusiastically

“Wonder” How to Build Strong Bodies

Remember when there was a bread that claimed it could build strong bones and bodies 8 ways?  Wouldn't it be nice if we could build strong bone density that way? ...
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Improve Your Brain Health with these 5 Fun Exercises

It's kinda ironic (okay it's downright pitiful and you can bet I will be doing more brain health exercises)  that  I  "forgot" to tell you, but I am a Certified...
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Improve Your Memory and Spatial Cognition – Practice Balance Training

Many of you emailed me to ask what kind of balance board I used in Friday's video posts on IG, Tik Tok, and YouTube.  Did you know a study by...
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  • Don't let our name "Donuts and Pie Fitness'' scare you away! Our focus is on Aging Enthusiastically.

  • If you think aging enthusiastically means humor, lifestyle, health, nutrition, and fitness- then we are your people. 

  • We have lots to say about how much fun it is to be over 50 and we have the national experts to prove it.

  • We DO NOT dwell on nostalgia and retirement or reminisce about the past, grumble about the future or complain about stereotypical aging issues. We just don't.

  • No judgement here.  We are who we are.  And we like you - just the way you are - it makes things so much more interesting.  So please, you do you,and  let's have fun.  


  • Do you know someone we should interview (perhaps you?) or something you are excited about? Please let us know!


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“Wonder” How to Build Strong Bodies


Improve Your Brain Health with these 5 Fun Exercises