Aging Enthusiastically

Q & A With Jill Casty: An Art that Sings

Jill Casty’s words are insightful, mindful, smart, and passionate. Annie & Gretchen were fascinated by her.  For about a decade Jill Casty has alternated years of living and working in...

Janice Jaicks of FitnessFest: Making the Pool Cool

Today we speak with Janice Jaicks founder of FitnessFest which is a user-friendly convention for people to learn, participate, and receive continuing education units.  Janice has been teaching water aerobics...

Tom Jones Ultra -Endurance Athlete & Speaker “NEVER GIVE UP OR GIVE IN”

Annie & Gretchen had the privilege of interviewing Ultra-Endurance Athlete Tom Jones. NO, not the singer Tom Jones, but the other Tom Jones, a man who is just accomplished and...


Donuts & Pie Fitness shares interviews with national fitness, health, wellness and lifestyle experts about how to live a happy, healthy, fun and fulfilled life.

Daily we post ,on social media, new and innovative ways to age enthusiastically through fitness, brain health, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle and fun.

Rather than focusing on nostalgia, retirement,  reminiscing about the past, grumbling about the future, or other stereotypical aging issues, Donuts & Pie Fitness focuses on the present and living life to the fullest with no regrets or hesitation.We want you to be excited about your next birthday.
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