Aging Enthusiastically

Ideas to help your future body for only 10 minutes a day

Did you know that your ability to move correlates with longevity? It’s all because your body flexibility, balance, muscle strength, and coordination can reflect your overall health, and that can...
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On Wednesdays we wear Pink, especially when we do the “Bend and Snap”!

Remember the bend and snap move from Legally Blond? Let's try it! Drop something on the floor and then bend over, hinging at the waist to pick it up. If...
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The Donuts & Pie Version of Coastal Grandma

Coastal Grandmother is a real thing. It has been around forever - just without a name. You don't need to be a grandmother or even live on the coast. It's...
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  • Don't let our name "Donuts and Pie Fitness'' scare you away! Our focus is on Aging Enthusiastically.

  • If you think aging enthusiastically means humor, lifestyle, health, nutrition, and fitness- then we are your people. 

  • We have lots to say about how much fun it is to be over 50 and we have the national experts to prove it.

  • We DO NOT dwell on nostalgia and retirement or reminisce about the past, grumble about the future or complain about stereotypical aging issues. We just don't.

  • No judgement here.  We are who we are.  And we like you - just the way you are - it makes things so much more interesting.  So please, you do you,and  let's have fun.  


  • Do you know someone we should interview (perhaps you?) or something you are excited about? Please let us know!


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