Risa Sheppard of Sheppard Method Pilates is one of the world’s most sought after Pilates instructors.  She is the creator of Sheppard Method Pilates which teaches the mind, body and spirit connection and personal empowerment. Risa has dedicated her life’s work to helping others achieve personal perfection and maintain optimal health, no matter what their age.

Risa received her training in the 70s with Ron Fletcher of Ron Fletcher Pilates. Ron Fletcher was a Pilates master, a Martha Graham dancer, and a choreographer. He opened his first studio in 1972 in Beverly Hills CA. Risa taught there for five years until Ron left California and then she continued to work privately with clients.  An interesting fact about Risa is that she co-hosted the Jack LaLanne television show and is a great friend of Elaine LaLanne. After 20 years, she opened Sheppard Method Pilates in Westwood CA where she works with private clients, celebrities, athletes, and group classes.

Sheppard Method Pilates helps with mental stability and balance in terms that we come more from a place of heart and focusing on the emotional part of being centered in mind and body. We believe we need to start in a place where we are all one and connected within our bodies. She concentrates on bringing in each individual spirit and tailor to the spirit and emotion of each day because every day is different. It is about working on yourself and your own emotions and spirit. 

Risa suffered from brain trauma a few years ago and she believes that Pilates was beneficial to her healing. Risa believes that Pilates for those over 50 or anyone recovering from body/brain trauma helps to center a person and to heal when connecting the mind, body and spirit. It helps a person gain control of their body, in a way. 

Risa’s advice to aging enthusiastically is staying positive and making use of all of your mental tools. A client Risa once said when looking at all of the young people around her., “I’ve been their age but they haven’t been mine.” This statement has impacted Risa and it is one she thinks about often. 

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Website: https://sheppardmethodpilates.com/

YouTube: Sheppard Method Pilates

FB: @sheppardmethodpilates

Instagram: @sheppardmethodpilatesla


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