Stress Down

Stress down. 

It isn’t until you are truly relaxed that you realize how good it feels and how tense you- your body- and your mind are the rest of the time.   

Time to stress down.

  • A warm cozy hug 
  • Breathe
  • Jump up Jump down
  • Chill out 


Wanna know how to do it? It’s actually easy and fun and – believe me- life-changing. 

Just Relax 



I have to admit there is nothing worse than when someone tells you to R. E. L. A. X.

So, instead, listen to Ariana Grande’s song “Breathin”

Just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’

And oh, I gotta keep, I keep on breathin’

Yup, on my way to  Relaxing  

A wise man, Fred DeVito of, ( told me about the book “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by James Nelson. 

So, I read it. 

The book is incredibly interesting and entertaining.  

It opened my eyes (and closed my mouth) as to how to properly breathe for optimal health- and to decrease stress, relax my mind, relax my body, and help me sleep more soundly. I highly recommend it.   

Buy the book here.



I received a Comfytemp Weighted Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders as a gift 


My first real collaboration- and I really wanted to do an honest review.  

I wore it, on and off, for a few days. I even made a few friends and family members crazy by making them wear it. 

Bottom line- this heating pad is amazing- like I could wear it all the time, amazing. Relaxing, comforting, and soothing. 9K 4.5 Stars and it’s on sale….   

Buy it here.

I am pretty sure when you think about relaxing, you don’t think about jumping up and down on a Jumpsport fitness tramp.  


In addition to having way more fun having fun than any other workout, Rebounding is associated with stress relief because it is great for your circulation- brings oxygen to your brain-promotes mental sharpness and focus, and also helps to relax and loosen your muscles (and you).  Jumping triggers the release of endorphins and just makes you happy.  This is probably one of the best investments you can make for fitness and managing your stress levels.  

Buy it here. 


Meditation + Yoga + Exercise = Relaxing

I needed a new mat, but it had to be easy to clean, comfortable, “cushiony” and the real deal. 

I found this Manduka Pro Yoga Mat and I love it.  

Buy it here. 

The interesting thing about these mats is they are “meticulously handmade, so sizes may vary slightly” and there is a lifetime warranty when you buy them from Amazon.  

Doesn’t matter if you use it for stretching, sleeping, or working out it is going to = RELAX

Have a great relaxing and fun-filled day. Reach out if you have questions or suggestions.  

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