The First Lady of Physical Fitness: Elaine LaLanne.

Gretchen had the opportunity to meet Elaine Lalanne while visiting Risa Sheppard at Sheppard Method Pilates.  Risa often co-hosted the Jack LaLanne show and was best friends with daughter, Janet LaLanne, who unfortunately was passed away when she was only 21.

When Elaine first met Jack Lalanne in 1951, she did not understand the importance of exercise or how important what she put in your mouth was. Jack used to say, “what you put in your mouth today is walking and talking tomorrow”. Every morning she would go into work with a cigarette and a chocolate donut. Jack, changed Elaine’s life forever when she witnessed the difference his fitness regimen made in other people’s lives. She quit smoking eating and all of the unhealthy foods she was eating. She is now 94 years old and says Jack changed her life and she would probably be “six feet under” if she had not met him.

Elaine’s advice to aging enthusiastically is to have a good attitude towards life. Maria Shriver asked her what she attributed to her long life and she described  The ARCH of LIFE:

Attitude towards life: Are you someone who says “I can” or someone who says “I can’t? 

Resistance: Resist foods that are undermining your life. Use your muscles for resistance training.

Consistency: Be consistent in your eating habits, work habits,  living habits.

Harmony: You need harmony and happiness.

Elaine said if you have these four things, you have it made. If you think about these things you will be a better person. Your mind is a mine, it is full of diamonds and you can find those diamonds if you are positive in life. If you do everything in moderation you cannot go wrong. 

Elaine is a diamond.  Watch the entire interview here:




Instagram:  @jackandelaine_lalanne

FB: @Elaine LaLanne   @Wofficaljacklalanne

Her new book:  If You Want to Live, Move!: Putting the Boom Back into Boomers  

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  1. Ana on December 15, 2020 at 7:54 am

    God bless her and her husband, Jack.
    Thank God they still sell his DVDs. I just bought a few and its true: he instantly changed my life and gave me renewed hope.
    He is sooo Authentic and Inspiring and Real. And funny in that old fashioned way. These modern ” trainers” cant compare. None of them give the passionate speeches and pep talks like Jack did. He makes me believe he reaally cares. And he did. I am soo lucky to have his DVDs. Thank you Jack and Elaine.

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