Unpredictable Wedding Gift Ideas

Have you ever thought about giving a Fitness/Health/Wellness product as a wedding gift? Especially if the couple doesn’t exercise? 

Hear me out, Please. I am not talking mats and weights.

Do you really want to give the happy couple one more cutting board? If you have checked their registry and everything has already been purchased, or maybe you want to go rogue and put some thought into their gift to give them something unique and fun to use, I have some great ideas!

When you see them you will realize, that the couple doesn’t even have to be fitness fanatics to love the gifts. 

This is NOT intended to send a message that they need to exercise- it’s a present that’s supposed to be for a couple who loves to have fun. It’s not, as a friend told me after hearing about the topic, like giving someone a tooth whitener for their birthday. 

Okay, so blenders have become the butt of wedding gift jokes- but seriously, if the couple is into healthy eating and fitness- these are outstanding:

  • The Ninja would be an amazing present- as evidenced by its 26K + 5-star reviews. It has different price points and makes fabulous smoothies.
  • The Vitamix is the king of the blender presents if you are looking to spend more $ on a present. 
  • The Beast  is a beast and it looks cool, is priced reasonably, and makes great smoothies 

Everybody drinks water! Water Bottles can be an extravagance and would make a thoughtful wedding gift!

  • I love (and use a lot) this Brita.   It has a replaceable filter that makes water taste great. 
  • The Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle gets a lot of use in our house. It holds 32 oz, keeps the liquid cold and hot for half a day, and is dishwasher safe. The variety of colors is outstanding.

Who doesn’t love a good massage? 

  • Talk about giving the BEST PRESENT- The Theragun Elite provides deep tissue treatment and releases tension. It even has a Bluetooth app that suggests customized treatments.
  • Woohoo! The Theragun Wave Duo Vibration Roller is curved just right, has 5 settings, and connects via Bluetooth for customization. 
  • I stopped using a lacrosse ball to dig into my hip flexors once I tried the Theragun Wave Solo Massager and wow- the combo of vibration and rolling works. 

Clean air ~ clean life!

  • The Winix Air Cleaner  – I did double duty this year with construction dust and allergens in the air. It actually deodorizes the air and a bonus is it’s like a white noise machine when it runs at night. 
  • The Germ Guardian got a lot of work this year in our house.  It is relatively quiet, and compact and has a HEPA filter and UV light.

Want some “real fitness” wedding present ideas for fitness fanatics?

  • The JumpSport 200/220/250 Mini Trampoline would be the most AWESOME gift. It’s fun to use and a total body easy way to exercise. This is a true winning gift. 
  • Anything Bala is going to be loved and appreciated. If you have seen my home gym you will know that I am obsessed with it.  I put on the Bala Bangles all the time when doing leg work, and the Bala Dumbbells are a big change from the clunky weights and add style to the workout there is nothing like the Bala Ring for a 10-pound weight that will make their workout space pretty. 
  • If you haven’t been under a rock you know that Pickleball is a thing. Why not give a gift of His and Her Pickleball Paddles? These Vinsguir Pickleball Paddles are a complete set and look pretty cool. 
  • Recess Pickleball out of Austin has very pretty Pickleball Paddles and you can pick the styles you want when you choose a Two Paddle Set.


  • This could be the wedding present that gets talked about for years. Why not give them a paddleboard? This Roc Inflatable Paddle Board and Accessories have everything they need to get out and enjoy the water.  It’s inflatable so it’s easy to store and comes with a pump to inflate at a moment’s notice. Winner Winner.


Wedding presents don’t have to be predictable or dull.

Most of these ideas would be a great birthday or anniversary or “just because present”.

Let us know if you need any more ideas.  We have lots and don’t forget~ it’s Wedding Season! 


Aging Enthusiastically Yours,

Gretchen & Annie 


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