Writing a Memoir After 60: A Good Summer Read

A good summer read. A fascinating story. A wonderfully kind, smart, and creative author. Put them all together and you have Heather Haldeman and her first novel “Kids and Cocktails don’t Mix: a memoir“. 

Heather writes a captivating story about growing up in an exclusive gated community in Los Angeles during the 60’s and 70’s.  Life is easy until it isn’t anymore when her father, having lost the family savings and his income,  abandons the family to chase a wealthy woman. Heather, her glamorous mother, and her older sister are left to figure out how to keep going. The parties, the cocktails, and the setting are all reminiscent of the Mad Men era. Heather lived it and her writing makes us feel like we are there. 

We could write on and on about how good  “Kids and Cocktail Don’t Mix” is, but hopefully, you will watch the interview and find out for yourself.  This is not just fangirling- we really believe this would also be an extraordinary movie.  

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