You Can Do Anything, You Just Might Not be Able to Do it Alone with Jennifra Norton

We have interviewed many people over the past year, but Jennifra Norton is the first person to be interviewed twice. Jennifra transitioned from beach yoga to a virtual platform. She enlisted the help of a tech savvy friend and fellow yogi to help her navigate the tech talk and zoom introduction.

Early on, during a self imposed quarantine after a trip to Italy, Jennifra knew she was going to have to figure out how to teach yoga to her students when she could not meet them in person. The good thing was that everyone was starting out at the same point – so with tenacity and lots of help, everyone was patient and trial and error was the norm. In a short time, it all came together and the experience has been phenomenal.

Accomplishing things in bite size pieces and going with flow really helped Jennifra create the online class experience. The unexpected benefits have been tremendous. Living and teaching in a summer oriented resort community limited the number of students who could always participate. Now, online, Jennifra’s class has grown exponentially and she now has people join from all over the United States and Europe. She said it’s been a pretty great experience.

Jennifra’s advice for aging enthusiastically is to be COURAGEOUS AND REALITY. She likened it to trying yoga. If one class does not work for you, there are many ways to practice yoga and many different teachers- so keep trying. As in everything in life, try it, go do it.

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