10 Ways Your Legs will Jump for Joy!

 Jennifer Garner gets it. Have you watched her box jumping on IG with her trainer Beth Nicely? 

Box Jumps…Single leg jumps…Oblique twist jumps… all on the top of a small box about 14″ high. 

It’s definitely one way to work your legs, challenge your balance, and increase bone density.                              

Box jumps looked fun to do, (they were! ) but in case you’re looking for something easier and more like playground fun, we have rounded up some entertaining ways to get your legs moving. Really, they are a blast.  


  1. When was the last time you played Jumprope?  Jumping rope enhances your balance, coordination, agility, and bone density. Amanda Kloots (of AK Fitness) has a Jump Skip Smile Class for grown-ups!  And, just like Amanda, her jump rope is beautiful.  If you want to try a less expensive jump rope first, this is a great option.   
  2. Nothing says JUMP & FUN like a Jumpsport Fitness Rebounder Mini Trampoline.  Jumping on a tramp protects your joints from the impact of jumping on a hard surface while improving balance and coordination are among many of its attributes. There is even an online class to get you bouncing. Have fun bouncing here.
  3. Skip Ball is still as fun as you remember. Once you get into a rhythm there will be no stopping you as you get a good cardio workout and practice coordination. You may have to buy a few skip balls because, from our experience, everyone wants to play it. Go back in time with a skip ball.  
  4.  Loop exercise bands could be fun if you are the type of person who finds fun and humor in everything. The fun with these loops is how great you feel when you take them off. Tone and shape your legs and strengthen your glutes with Arena Strength Fabric Booty Bands
  5. Just get out and go for a walk! Move your legs, it’s easy and free and the benefits are amazing. Improve bone density, balance, endurance, coordination, heart and lung health, and mental health.
  6. If we could only take one class it would be Corebarrefit!  Created by legends in the barre industry- Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito- they offer Livestream barre, yoga, and restorative stretch classes.  Seriously, you feel and get the verbal corrections as if you are in class. Try corebarrefit here
  7. Dance like nobody’s watching! It burns calories, makes you smile, improves balance and coordination, strengthens your muscles, can be done anywhere and it will get you moving.
  8. The good thing about biking is you could be pedaling on a bicycle outdoors, or if you are short on time and good weather you could be indoors on a stationary bike. Both are great options, but if you want to roll out of bed or have a few minutes in between meetings, this is our choice for a stationary bike.  But if you want a pricier bike, the pinnacle of stationary bikes is the Peloton. Buy the Peloton App and you are all set. (FYI We own, use and love both bikes.)
  9. You may think rowing is all about the arms- but it’s actually all about the legs. Your legs initiate the motion. It’s a catch (the starting position) – drive (push with your legs til straight and then pull the handle towards your body)- release or finish (legs long, handle pulled in). Two rowers we own are the  Concept2 Model D and Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500. Very different price points, but both are great. Sunny Health uses water resistance and Concept2 is more high-tech and uses an air resistance flywheel.
  10. Now, do you think you are ready for some box jumping? Just keep watching that Jennifer Garner video if you need some motivation.  Not just for jumping, doing pushups, or triceps dips,  this box is also a bench and storage.  

box jumps

You’ve got legs and you know how to use them. Go to it.

Aging Enthusiastically Yours,

Gretchen & Annie

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