Leslee Bender: Helping People Embrace Life and Age Gracefully

Leslee Bender epitomizes active and ageless enthusiasm.  She has worked for over 30 years in the fitness industry and travels throughout the world as an international fitness trainer. She was recently named IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year (WOW!)  Creator of the Bender Method of Training,  you will remember her from the famous Bender Ball 2007 infomercial, and has produced over 30 DVDs. With the understanding of how important functional movement is to healthy living with more vitality, she designed the  “I Am Ageless Now” program. 

The I Am Ageless Now methods and movements are intended to keep you active and moving. 

They are all about what you can do while working or doing everyday things. As we go through unsettling times right now, Leslee wanted to create something that anyone could do while even just sitting at their computer. The movements can be done anywhere and anytime and only require a few minutes of time per day.   The benefits will be energy, functionality, flexibility, mobility, and strength. 

I am Ageless Now is based on: 

  • Mindful Movement and keeping your fascia (connective tissue) flexible
  • Hydration
  • Consuming a mindful and healthy diet
  • Mindset and mindful living-being your unique self

We asked Leslee the question we asked everyone, what was her suggestion for aging enthusiastically. She said that aging enthusiastically is mostly your attitude and finding passion for what you do. Sometimes we are tired and things are hard but when you have the opportunity to serve others, you’re touching their lives and changing them. Aging enthusiastically is about finding a purpose while doing what makes you happy.  Check out  the interview in its entirety below:  

To learn more about Leslee Bender: :

Website: https://iamagelessnow.com/

Instagram: @lesleebender

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