Dan Ritchie – Age is Just a Number

Do you feel like your gym or trainer understands your specific goals, potential, needs, and limitations? We interviewed Dan Ritchie from the Functional Aging Institute, a fitness professional and Ph.D. who is at the forefront of training older adults. The Functional Aging Institute are world-class leaders in developing and teaching innovative, effective, and evidence-based training programs for people over 50 and their unique, evidence-based approach to exercise helps improve functional outcomes with mature clients.  

According to Dan, there are 6 core domains of human function that people need to be trained in: 

  1. Skeletal 
  2. Muscular 
  3. Cognitive Health
  4. Balance 
  5. Mobility 
  6. Cardiovascular  

It is important that you have a balance of each. 

Dan understands Functional Aging. He says, “Age is just a number. It is never too late to start a goal. Old is a state of mind. There is a risk-reward for everything you do whether you are 20 or 80. It is as simple as just saying yes, especially as we get older we say not to more to change your life. 

You have beliefs inside of you that you need to keep pushing at and noticing every day.  A lot of trainers have a “yeah, but…” mentality, therefore, putting limitations on their clients.  Sometimes though we do have to reframe their goals. We have to embrace the opportunity that comes with age instead of the negativities. 

We need to train people on their feet and break the stereotype of training people sitting. When you downsize to a single-story home you lose stair climbing and therefore remove significant physical activity. 

You do not really know what is in your future and you need to prepare for greatness. The best accomplishment in your life could still be coming. You can do amazing things at any age. “

Talk to your gym or trainer about Functional Aging. Are they certified to work with older adults? It makes a difference and could change how you workout. Make sure you are doing everything in your power to stay physically and mentally fit. What do you do to keep yourself functionally fit? Are there any specific classes or exercises you like to do?  How often do you exercise? Let us know!

Please watch this very interesting and most informative interview to learn more about Dan Ritchie and the Functional Aging Institute.   


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