Melissa & Hannah Fastov: Go Dot Dash: Defining Your Path and Bags that Take You There

Today we are interviewing mom Melissa Fastov and her daughter Hannah Fastov. Hannah is the founder of Go Dash Dot where she designs smart, sophisticated bags that carry you through an entire day, from a workout to work to errands to dinner. Hannah and her mother have a really great mother-daughter relationship and we wanted to talk to them about how it is to work together.

Hannah started the company because her days were busy and full of a variety of projects and as a result, she had to haul around different bags to fulfill each need. It was overwhelming and uncomfortable. She wanted a bag that would hold everything while being very organized and still looking nice.  She looked for such a product and realized she was going to have to create one.

Go Dash Dot’s mission is to provide organization with attitude. They want you to walk into wherever you’re going feeling your best.  “You define your path, our bags will take you there.”

Melissa started working with Hannah by doing things that Hannah did not have time for. She eventually started doing more and taking on more responsibility. Her sage advice to mothers working with their daughters is to just stand back a little so as to be very respectful of each other and not to let the work get in the way of the mother and daughter relationship. 

We asked  Melissa her suggestions for aging enthusiastically and she told us it was important to eat well and to stay active as well as to do  something out of the box, to try something new.  

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