Gratitude: Annie Shares the Silver Lining

I have been thinking about silver linings and gratitude a lot, lately. They seem to be directly correlated. My granddaughter, Adalynn Marie, has a rare condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome.  She underwent a 10-hour brain surgery, on Monday, March 16th, just as the coronavirus was locking down the hospitals. 

Silver lining: Adalynn was the last surgery scheduled at Boston Children’s Hospital. 

After surgery, her fever spiked and she began having seizures again.

Silver lining: It was meningitis. Not anything to do with the actual procedure.

From the time of Adalynn’s diagnosis, months ago, my 28-year-old daughter has had to walk through hell, and that has been a hard thing to witness. 

Silver lining: She is stronger than I have ever known her to be.

Adalyn was released from Children’s today and we can take her home. It is in the midst of a pandemic and times have never been more uncertain.

Silver lining: We can’t go to work; we all have to be home and have all the time in the world to cherish this little warrior baby as she continues to heal. 

You never, really think about being grateful for silver linings. They are usually the result of what can only be hoped to be the best of a bad situation, a compromise if you will. Instead, I am full of gratitude and optimism.  


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