How to Get Your Workout Space Organized

And once you have put your gym equipment away- come back for a great glute exercise, ducks, mail, earlobes, and beans! 

I am in spring-cleaning mode- which, considering the piles of leftover construction “stuff” in my house and the mess in my home gym undergoing a renovation, is a big undertaking. 

This weekend I put together a storage rack for my home gym. 

I am not a great “put-together person” (you could read that in so many ways), but it took less than 30 minutes to complete. 

Even if you don’t have a home gym, this storage unit would be a great way to store exercise items in your closet or garage.  

I found a few random pieces of equipment that I didn’t even know I had and now that it is on the Mythinglogic rack it’s all in one place.  The rack has shelves and hooks and holders and there is even room for more equipment.  


I use the Arena Strength Bands every day. I often do this Lateral Band Walk aka Sidewalk exercise as a warmup because it activates my glutes and strengthens my hips. (Did you know that weak hip muscles (gluteus medius) can lead to knee problems?!)

  • Using a pink (medium) Arena band 
  • Place the band just below your knees ~ or around your ankles ~ or above your knees~you choose.  
  • Knees bent ~ hips-width apart~ feet straight~head up and eyes forward~hands in prayer position~chest up and hips back
  • Take a step (lead with knee, not ankle) to one side as far as you can, stepping onto your heel, not toes
  • Follow slowly with the other leg to starting position
  • 12 reps in each direction 

A few other things I am enthusiastic about today:

Blogger Deb on Instagram  @seekinglavenderlane has ducks and the post of them in her kitchen reminded me of when my youngest son secretly mail-ordered a pair and attempted to raise them, named Patty and Archie, in his room. 

Jakes ducks

We discovered them shortly after they hatched and they were, by far, the best pets we have ever had. 

We lived in a suburb of Los Angeles (Pasadena CA) with a big yard, so when they were in the house they wore diapers (thank goodness because ducks poop a lot)  but they spent all day out in the yard in a playpen. 

Do you check for your MAIL throughout the day? Wanna know a secret? 

If you subscribe to USPS Daily Digest you will get an email every day with a photo of the mail you are going to receive that day. Talk about getting the scoop!

Here is the link to sign up:  

I have FILLER…in my EAR LOBES!  

My dermatologist injected cosmetic filler in my earlobes to plump them up because my earring holes were so stretched and tired and thin that I was unable to wear earrings. 

Now I wear earrings comfortably every day and the filler could last up to a year.  It’s not cheap, but worth it if you like wearing earrings.  

These aren’t my ears (thank you google images) because I wasn’t savvy enough to take before and after photos- but they closely resemble mine before issue and after resolution. Ask your dermatologist about “earlobe rejuvenation”. 

I finally like VEGGIES

Full disclosure: I have only recently become a vegetable fan. The beans I used to covet were only of the Boston baked variety. Now that I am trying to eat more vegetables, I have compiled some pretty good recipes. 

This green bean with shallots and pistachios recipe is now one of my favorites and really easy:   

Image from

Link to recipe

What are you up to today? We would love to know. 

We are gonna go watch more ducks  🦆 

disclosure: some of the links in this post are affiliate links. That means if you click on them and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for supporting donuts and pie fitness.

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