Improve Your Brain Health with these 5 Fun Exercises

It’s kinda ironic (okay it’s downright pitiful and you can bet I will be doing more brain health exercises)  that  I  “forgot” to tell you, but I am a Certified Brain Health Trainer!  With that in mind, read on to learn about 5 fun ways exercise can improve your brain health.

Do you know what happens to your brain during exercise? 

Your body releases feel good chemicals (dopamine and endorphins) (runners high) improving your mood and reducing stress receptors. 

Blood flow increases to the brain which improves cognitive health.

Beneficial proteins are released which create new brain cells (aka neurons) and better connections- all of which are crucial for a healthy brain. 

It may protect your brain by reducing age-related inflammation. 

Exercise is said to be better for your brain than doing a crossword puzzle!!!

1. Balance

People who practiced balance training showed improvements in memory and spatial cognition.  This balance board is our favorite and we use it multiple times a day. 

2. Weight Training

Strength training can help prevent shrinkage in the hippocampus and improves memory and cognition.  It will also improve your mood and boost concentration. And, you are never too late to start.  These weights are our go to.  

3. Sleep 

Sleep is crucial for brain function. it clears the toxins in your brain & improves your memory.  Try these pjs– we absolutely love them. 

4. Resistance Training

Squats with a resistance band increase blood flow to the brain & as a result boosts brain function.  As a result, it can improve your moods, improve concentration and make clear decisions. Here are the resistance bands we use. 

5. Grip Strength

Grip strength can be an indicator of brain health and neurological function. The good news is grip strength exercises are probably the easiest ways to workout. Just carry something heavy like these weights we use. 

Now, get out there this weekend and try some of these fun exercises. Your brain will thank you. 

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you!

Aging Enthusiastically Yours,

Gretchen & Annie

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